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PTA Meeting
PTA Meeting
September 24 from 6:15-7:15pm. Come out and meet the new board members. Find out about upcoming events and share your ideas.
Free Pop-up Market
Free Pop-up Market
Our local Foodbank presents a free pop-up market to be set up at OES on 9/24/19 from 5:00 pm until 7:00 pm.
OES PTA-now is the time to become a member
OES PTA-now is the time to become a member
The OES PTA is responsible for giving so much back to our students. They do dances, fundraisers, harvest festivals, bingo and so much more. However, they can not do these wonderful things without wonderful supporters and members like our parents. Please consider becoming a member of the OES PTA. $7 per person or 2 memberships for $10.00.
Contact 678-5151 ext. 8102 for more info.
8:15 am to 3:25 pm

Students should be signed in by a parent if arriving late and/or signed out by a parent if dismissing early.
Safety, responsibility, respect, honesty, empathy, cooperation, integrity and perseverance.
Our mission is to reach and teach all children attending OES by establishing positive relationships, delivering high-quality instruction, and maintaining high expectations so that the community we serve enjoys the benefits of a well-educated population.
Our Stingray community will be great leaders and life long learners.